Monday, 7 March 2005

Ahhh.. Happy..

Hello everyone! I'm refreshed! :) Weekend had been no hectic affair of lunch, gym and dinner in town - I was away in Bintan with Yan!

But the start wasn't too fun.. The tiny ferry was rocky on the rough seas. I was one among many who clutched the blue bag from beginner to end. Did I puke? No, but I did retch quite a bit ~.~ Hotel guy at the Bintan ferry terminal said I looked pale. Oh, pale mf! =( Nvm, what followed at the Nirwana resort was =) Anyway, let's get the disgusting bit out of the way!

So we put down our bags, had lunch at the hotel restaurant and took a bus to Pasar Oleh Oleh, which was hot and deserted, utterly disappointing! We spent most of our hour there in this tiny shophouse tended by a friendly young woman. So, though things weren't cheap, we each bought a sarong from her and Yan threw in a bikini as well. We hit the pools after that but only for a short while cos we had an appointment at Asmara Spas in the evening :)

The facial started with a foot soak - I know, random! :p Then the lady told me to take off my top.. Ok, have to admit that was my third facial in my entire life. The first was a fully-clad affair at Jean Yip's. The second was a free trial somewhere, with clothes on too, I think. But this one, when she said to take off my top, I was like, eh, with you standing right in front of me??! Communication wasn't great but in the end she got me a sheet to cover myself with. Then it was bliss and blissful sleep especially when I dozed off as she gave me a really good body massage after applying the mask. Yan said I looked radiant :) But she had three new pimples the morning after, aiyoh..

Dinner was interesting - Yan was a hit at the restaurant! She could speak some Bahasa Indonesian and charmed the waiters no end :) Three of them attended to us and I just busked in her light even though I couldn't understand what they were talking about :p One of them brought us flowers which we wore in our hair for the rest of the dinner.

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We were so relaxed and sleepy by the end of dinner that we gave up the walk on the beach and the trip to the pub, and took a detour to our room via the pools. The sky was so beautiful. It was a deep, deep blue, almost black if you didn't look carefully. The bright stars were stunningly embedded in the blue, like diamonds. I thought it's amazing that when we look at the sky, we're actually looking right into the universe which stretches forever everywhere.. I always feel this awe when I recognise something so big I can't even imagine it be contained, like my greatest horror as a kid was that my huge basket of toys would topple cos there was no way I could put everything back again..! Erm..

Anyway, so, we were back in the room which faced the sea on the ground floor. I cut my fingernails; haven't had the time to do that since the manicure session just before CNY! After all the beauty regime, we resumed to talking, about work, about friends, about relationships, about random stuff. Glad for her that she had thought through her problem well and clear, and come to a decision of her next step.

Oh, question: do I, in any way, remind you of Sharon Au?! Both Yan and CY thought the same! Omg..

I like talking to Yan. We could both listen to and advise each other and we did that late into the night on Sat, until we both fell asleep..

The lovely morning sun woke me; Yan was already up. Oops, piggy mf :p
We changed into swim gear and went to the beach. The sand was incredible! Where it was dry, I felt like I was stepping on marshmallows; where it was wet, it was like a sponge that never went dry. While Yan was singing at the hammock in the shade, I was singing and jumping about on the beach. It was great with the sun beating down on me and the waves caressing my feet. Suddenly, I didn't want to go back.

We must have been there for at least an hour. By the time we got to the pools, it was 1115 - we asked the bartender, meaning yes, we both had a cocktail in bright day light :p I think the last time I did that must have been that Xmas morning so long ago when I couldn't resist that bottle of I-forgot-its-name on my window sill.. I tried to delude myself into thinking I could burn some calories by grooving to the music even as I was sipping the sinful concoction..

Before we left the resort, we took to the beach once more with a camera.

“为了你 修长身影 海鸥盘旋…”

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Ok, I have a thing for coconut trees, palm trees. Can't tell the difference..

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I popped a seasick pill at the terminal; didn't wish to get sick again. But this time it was a bigger ferry, much bigger and more stable; I didn't feel sick at all - or the pill helped. Maybe it was the pill, maybe it was too little sleep over Fri and Sat, didn't know which but I was so sleepy! After dinner with Grams, I was positively switched off and I had to go back. But not before Grams came over with leftover food and asked me to clean up.. I didn't want to cos I was full but well, I succumbed. How could I bear to resist her? :)

Oh, I kena this huge bruise on the inside of my feet/ankle - I don't know what you call this part! Don't recall hitting anything though.. Pain ah..

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The waiter at the restaurant kept asking us when we would go back to Bintan again. They were right to assume I would want to return to the island. Even though there wasn't anything to do except nua, swim, eat, stroll, massage/facial, since I don't do sea sports. Perhaps the next time I want some serious R&R and a long walk on the beautiful beach :) Missing it already..


  1. Lucky girl... While some of us suffer, u go on holiday... You could have at least asked me and I would have told u to save the $2 for the bus ride to Oleh Oleh... Nothing there.

    Envious and red eyed... Dying of stress too.

  2. That mark on your medial malleolus...could it be a sea animal bite of some sort? BTW, welcome back! Sounds like you had lots of fun. Hope to be heading to Bintan myself in a month or two ;)

  3. Was in Bintan 2 yrs ago...I had fun too but brought home some horrible sandflies bites. I went there for sea sports. Maybe I should try a spa trip the next time. :)



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