Friday, 11 March 2005

Konnichi ha!

Just edited my Friendster profile, might as well advertise here too:

mf wants to meet Tokyoites!

Some time back, I did a search for Tokyo urbanites; thought would be fun to find some locals to lunch with, practise my Jap, go Disneyland etc in the five days after Na's gone.. Now our travel plans have changed, I'm going to be by myself for eight full days before Na arrives. Think I need more friends than just Miki..

Anyway, one guy replied ok, the girls never did - wondering if they are straight girls thinking I were lesbian or I put up fake photos or whatever nonsense.. Hmmm.. Unfriendly!

I like solo travel, get to meet more people. On the Swiss Alps, I met a funky German who's a DJ (who later caught me sleeping with my mouth wide open in a train; he was on the platform and he knocked at the window and grinned - paiseh!); and an Australian who reminded me of Julie Delpy in Geneva - she happened to be learning French somemore; and a sweet Athena Zhu-lookalike Taiwanese girl I met in Scotland who visited me in Oxford a few months later.

Think I should start training myself to chat up strangers..

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