Thursday, 3 March 2005

Random blogs

I like the "next blog" function.

Hit it like 3000 times yesterday - I was bored, remember? I like this one by Omni but I can't leave comments there.. And guess what, I just saw that he/she left a comment in mf's world. Ah, bless the "next blog" function :p

Also found a blog totally in Jap. Besides English, I've came across countless in Spanish, Arabic, even Thai! But in Jap, this is a first. I'll brush up on my Jap before 24 Mar! Have already borrowed JLPT book from Sito to read.. Still hope somehow that I'll pass JLPT 2 someday..


  1. I think I've returned all my knowledge of Japanese to my sensei. My knowledge of languages are always in bits & pieces. Now settle on mastering my dialect-Cantonese. What dialect group do u belong to?


  2. Same, ok set, we'll try conversing in Canto next Wed!


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