Wednesday, 2 March 2005

Yawn yawn..

Feeling bored. Yes, at work but bored nonetheless. I've just finished a paper and I'm revising another - the beginning is always the hardest.

Thought I'd write since I'm bored and you'd read if you're bored too, so some random bites for us:

1) Wardrobe is falling apart. One door is gone, replaced by a curtain that wasn't long enough to reach the bottom. So Mother put a cardboard at the bottom, supposedly to keep out lizards - actually I never believe that works!

Black Mon, for the 10millionth time, the cardboard fell flat when I open the working door.

I scolded it vehemently.

2) Watched "Howl's Moving Castle" last night. Love the Sophie obaa-chan who was trying to be a good old lady and yet was a young girl inside, loving Howl with all her heart in her cleaning lady role in the castle.

Yes Joyce, I walked away with a warm fuzzy feeling :)

3) Lately I've been going to bed lying flat on my back. When I wake, I'm on my side with Meh in my arms and I don't know why or how come.

4) Was woken up last night by freaking heavy rains. Horrible sounds of thunder etc outside scared me. I curled up and went back to sleep immediately.

Then, I dreamed. I bought a tortoise, called it Ise (pronounced "ice"). It had a cracked shell. At first I thought the stupid shop sold stupid me a dead tortoise. Turned out to be alive but blamed me for the crack or something cos it tried to bite me. But I let it sleep on my bed anyway.

One morning, it was gone. Some machine I checked with revealed that Ise was "under the tree". Wtf, I thought, I see no freaking tree in my room! Then I saw the tiny potted plant which I'd never seen before. That's the tree? Crappy machine. Found Ise.

I woke. For good.

5) Is it nice if people hang on to your every word? Yes, makes me feel valued. Stressful? Yes too, cos I'm not the thoughtful kind. Then how? I don't think much before I speak so likely LL la!

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