Monday, 21 March 2005

OCD does NOT permit (written) gross errors!

I was at Kel's last night to check out his suitcase, which turned out to be too big for me to bring to Tokyo; mf travels light. Helped him utilised his Max Online by checking emails etc. Received a message from this guy in Friendster, made me cringe, not so much the content but his English - see title of post.. Ok now, read what he wrote:

"i went to bought roses, orchids, sunflowers n other plants to decorate my house and (mf: inconsistency with previous 'n') been busy taking care of them. work is crazy too but this plants cool (mf: cannot decide whether this is singular or plural ah?!) me down."

I usually reply out of courtesy (and I made that clear - out of courtesy) but not this time. Cos of my OCD, yeh..

Anyway, I came in here to blah about more significant events.

We had our healthy lifestyle event on Fri afternoon, starting with a yummy and filling buffet lunch. HK's son provided much of the entertainment at the table, beating us all with his obscure questions on storyline/ characters in Harry Potter, Incredibles etc, like, do you know the special feature of Jack Jack's superhero suit? Well I don't! :p

It was the much anticipated Duck Tour right after. Instantly regretted gorging when I saw the tiny amphibian - I don't want to puke! But I didn't, fortunately.. The tour wasn't as exciting as expected but we saw a couple making out on a bench facing the Kallang Basin along, was it Marina Promenade?? Anyway, that area la.. So, naughty naughty, we all started cat-calling for fun but well, they were too far to hear :p We made a lot of noise with the quacking whistle. I heard someone in front - was it Irene? - say "shut the duck up"!

Slept for almost two hours before leaving for Velvet with Ker*. There were also KP, QX, WS and bf. Sito and HW joined us late and TCH even later. Was my first time at Zouk/Phuture/Velvet. Like R&B but Phuture's too damn crowded. We ended up spending most of our time in Velvet. Hey I wasn't too bad this time! Had about five shots and I wasn't even groggy! Ok, until the end la, a combination of the 5th shot and my feet succumbing to my dizzy heels. Slept/ lazed around until 11 before my first meal in almost 24hours - fried kway tiao, haven't had that for months, maybe a whole year..

* I was kindly reminded that his name was spelt Kerr *hear hear* I know, but don't have to type in full right? Some I'll have to type in full cos can't abbreviate, eg, Sito would become Sit (? Might as well put Fetch! :p); Siok would become Sio (and that's Mother's name btw..!); and I can't have Si1 and Si2, not nice!

Had a major KLK makan session on Sat night. Almost full attendance but Na couldn't make it. The new food court at Marina Square - or, Marina shopping mall or something - was quite nice, made me want to eat more than I should. Well I didn't la. At least not there.. We adjourned to Coffee Club for dessert :p And to BK when the former closed. And finally shuttled home when even BK had to close. Very funny conversations but ahem, better not tell the world lest I get hacked.. But, Kok, you ARE emailing us something, RIGHT? :)

Aerobics yesterday was tough but I felt so great at the end! Problem was when I bought too many Roti Boy buns for my cousins.. Ok, guilty: I had one =( And Grams gave me an icecream cone after that when I was watching Bao Gong.. Btw that's the last episode, so I won't miss it when I go away, phew!

Oh, on the way to Kel's place, I was daydreaming with 933 in my ears while watching Jamie Oliver do his thing on TV Mobile: when Na and I finally have our place, we'll have healthy salad in the fridge for weekday (post) dinners. And for weekends, I'll make gourmet brunch - super healthy of course - and she'll wash up. Weekend dinner, if eating in, will undoubtingly be a big affair with friends and wine. *Pause* Alright, any alcohol!

Office has something bizarre going on right now, yes, this very moment as I type. Some seven of my colleagues are in the room in front, feet immersed in a basin of ionised/ magnetised water whose colour ranges from orange to brown to blackish brown. Some sort of detox foot spa. Honestly, I had a go at it earlier and I wasn't not too convinced. I saw particles coming out of the black "ion cleanser" in the basin before the water became an unsightly pool of brown water with, get this, GREEN bubbles and floating oils. In a word, gross ~.~

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