Thursday, 10 March 2005

The airhead speaks

Well, doesn't she always? :)

But there's a difference today. And yesterday. The airhead is more light-headed than usual. Reason: strong smell of glue and some aerosol in the office, which is building a new meeting room from a disused cubicle space right in front of her workstation.


The only thing stopping her skyward flight is the sound of the hoover in the yet-to-be-named room. Oh, the name will likely be some Jasmine (does it already exist? Can't remember..) or Rafflesia; almost all the rooms in this building are named after some flower or plant: Ixora, Angsana, Marigold.. Anyway, the sound, yes, the sound of the hoover is the only thing keeping her grounded, feet barely touching the ground but certainly, she isn't soaring out of the windows.

In case there's any doubt, she likes it. Though she is now wondering if the tiny potted plant in front of her is wilting for the same reason she's feeling light..

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