Friday, 4 March 2005

mf is imploding

I simply hate it when people do not reply to my email or sms that obviously needs a reply. Happens at work, happens with friends - some of these I'm not even sure if they fall into the "friends" category anymore but that's a separate story.

Like hell! Damn pissed this morning with work emails and sms! I sent a freaking reminder email (which was asking for an answer) and I received nothing so far. Deadline was clearly stated in the email ok and it wasn't anything difficult.. No comments also must say ma! And sms, yes or no so difficult meh?? I can accept no for an answer; just don't make me wait! I'm a woman of short patience and an even shorter temper.

On the other hand, there are those which do not require any reply, especially sms. Don't understand why sometimes people like to reply with "ok" when the answer (which isn't necessary) has to be "ok".. Next time, unless an affirmative answer is totally necessary, don't just "ok" me, ok! At least add a "have a good day" behind or something :p

Moral of the story: reply when necessary, PLEASE!

Ok, I should cool down now.


  1. Dun implode, not good for health! EXPLODE! Chaos rule!

    Besides in case, I dun like to reply sms one... cos I slow and usually never on phone... just in case u angry at me too =)

  2. thing i learnt from no reply email..

    simply state in ur email

    "Kindly respond by ___ if u have comments, else, forever hold ur peace"
    I really hate pple who dun talk when they need to when i ask for comments too.. They only whine when its during crunch time..sigh..

  3. the worst case is when someone you like didn't reply....



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