Thursday, 17 March 2005

It's THE age

WX's back and Tuesday, Kel and I met up with her at S11*. It was a very nice four hour chat, on matters befitting of 25-year-olds.. Sito and I were talking about 25 year old stuff after ballroom too. Suffice to say that all of us are surrounded by such weighty matters all of a sudden. Sounds fun to sum it up with age, esp quarter life - 25, not to mention it's 5-squared, it's an odd number.. Ok, don't let me digress!

* Noticed a number of XX...XXXL tomatoes around that S11, painted on the walls, sitting in the patch of grass near the carpark etc. I was pondering their significance when Kel pointed out the name of our new town, which is - you guess la! Our town council quite cute..

So, let me not bore you with details, just a few points - might as well say questions - that came up during the conversations and subsequent connections of mf's synapses. In no particular order:

1) In a relationship, should both parties have an end - meaning marriage, in most cases, I suppose - in mind? If not, is it not "serious"?

2) Even if both see an end, it doesn't mean they'll get there (really, who could know for sure?), in which case, should they just heck it and be happy for the moment for as long as it lasts, without an end in sight? Though some might fear this will waste each other's time..

3) Friends our age, some younger, are getting hitched. Is that impetus for us to want to find someone as well? Is it necessary? Isn't that sad, to find someone for its own sake?

4) How do you know you like someone? Is gan dong considered it? Is xi guan considered it? How do you know if someone, or the person you like, likes you? Ok I'm slow..

5) Does the feeling of liking someone changes with age? (Ahh, see, age plays a part..) Like, I don't see myself liking another person the same way I liked my ex, though it doesn't mean I will like him (or her!) any less even if the feeling is different from before.

6) Sito read that a relationship is supposedly a continuum consisting of three stages: lust, love, commitment, in that order. How do you tell when (and if) you transcend each stage? I've said before that there is no love without lust and the converse is false. Then, is love born out of lust true love?

7) How about commitment? I think it should be synonymous with a relationship. But physically and/or emotionally? Will it keep people from straying either way? If not, does it mean there's no love in the relationship? It's so much easier being committed to a friendship!

I'll stop before my head bursts. Not pretty. Not to mention dead.

On a totally incongruent plane, just because I suddenly thought of it, I felt horribly abused sometimes, mentally and physically. Kel calls me a piece of shit or, his current fave, zhu. There are other names, which I do not bear repeating, by Ker and BH et al.. Last sat* with the guys, Hup - lucky guy, in Sydney now - demo how he accidentally hit someone ON ME. Then, Sito hit me real hard on my shoulder that I almost cried (out)! Ok, I said something not too nice before that - can't remember now - but it so didn't warrant that "pat on the shoulder" lor! =(

* Didn't know what came over me but I wore very little - in the guys' words - to Chinatown for dinner! I pinned a pink drape together at my belly button over my bandeau top but they said I looked very ahmah from behind. After various adjustments on the way to Orchard, final look was a knot at my belly button instead. And to their credit, I thought I did look way better :) My abs are still in need of more work but they spotted people - guys and girls - checking out my tummy, heh! And no, Kel, not with looks of disgust, thank you very much. Well, at least I hope they weren't hiding any looks of disgust la :p

Finally, Velvet this Fri ie tomorrow. Call me if interested. Can't call cos you don't have my number? Well, you aren't on the list! *Feeling niao*


  1. It's unfair to say that you are abused when you CLEARLY deserved it ;> It takes a 386 shorter time to arrive at why so many mega tomatoes are laying around. So I leave you saying: Ni shi zhu ah!

  2. And I'm not quarter of a century yet, so don't say matters befitting of 25 yr olds, not quite there yet, haha.

  3. Point (4) Accepting someone because of being *gan dong* isn't the right way. You will be bluffing him/her(unless you begin to have feeling with the person in the end) and drag the whole relationship... kinda a new age concept



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