Thursday, 17 March 2005

*Bulu bulu*

Feeling bubbly :p

Maybe cos Siok said I inspired her to take up something healthy - if we had to wait for friends to do with us, we might wait forever! Oooh, nice to know someone was inspired by me :) She signed up with True Yoga, unlimited visits. I felt inspired to upgrade my Amore to unlimited but can't cos I have too many commitments already, unless I were to give up.. movies? Erm, I think I can't bring myself to do that!

Maybe cos many could make this Sat's KLK dinner, at least one whom we haven't seen for some time will join us this time, nice :) For now, plans are to go to KAP - Kel's nostalgic albeit lazy no-brainer choice! To think that not long ago, I was saying we'd graduated from 4hour fries at KAP..

Maybe cos tomorrow we're going for buffet lunch and Duck Tour on staff welfare fund..

Maybe cos my trip to Tokyo is materialising..

Maybe cos.. =) I don't need a reason to feel happy! Have a happy day - weekend is already on its way!

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