Wednesday, 2 March 2005

霹雳火 ended!

Can't believe it but I watched the last 20min of 霹雳火 last night!

Actually, I watched quite a bit of it since just before CNY, since I was mostly in those nights, tidying stuff etc..


Crappy and long. Thought it was already showing when I returned in Sep 2003 but apparently, it started in 2004. Ok, still very long; even I could hum the Hokkien tune they played before and after advert! But I'm not about to :p Anyway they changed it to Xiao Gang's song after the merger. Even crappier cos they just didn't go!

Btw, all the actors and actresses are so fair they must be endorsing some seriously whitening products. Too fair.. But wait, does Taiwan get much sun? Maybe it's all natural.. Think some girls would kill for such ghostly skin. Not me :)


  1. Your skin color is beautiful-don't EVER change it!!

  2. Oh my goodness! You actually watched that thing!


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