Wednesday, 6 July 2005

(~) 22/7

Had a slight obsession with this ratio since secondary school when I realised someone (think was this interesting maths teacher) pasted a looooong printout of pi along the wall of the library. I recall pi to be 3.1415926. Period :p

Read the other day that some guy broke the world record for reciting pi to some tens of thousands of decimal points.. But wait, it only gets better;
NacenteNet linked to this website that gives the number to a freaking million decimal points! Everyone must see!

Btw, 22/7 is not the exact pi ok, hence the ~ I go to
MathWorld to feed my obsession on numbers, esp recreational maths - mf likes :)


  1. ha... you really got an obession with this number. I got freak out because of this number...


  2. Hellow hellow! Thank u for ya comment on my blog;P Now Im in Melbourne, staying at my friend's place, and then, I fly to Sydney tomorrow.
    Many of my friends from Singapore are going back to Singapore during this break, and all of them say that its soooooo hot in Singapore! How are you getting on?? Are you fine??
    Well, I cant say anything bout the numbers.... Im not good at Math!!


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