Tuesday, 5 July 2005

Received an email invite to some nature trail

I opened the attachment and saw it's Pulau Ubin - got me interested, nice place with nice memories.. Next was cost, $30 for ferry, island exploration and lunch - so ex, sian.. Nvm, I read on, and..

"To register for the trail you should be:
- Single
- Aged between 25 and 35
- A UK Alumni (you have either studied in the UK or via distance learning)"

I say SDU has a long arm! Or perhaps, the SDU is so ingrained in our society that everyone is trying to help fulfil the nation's agenda - hey peeps! Get married and have one two three four kids!

Sure, but how about I say, SHOW ME THE MONEY? Ok, so we've got the Baby Bonus. Then how about you help me feed the screaming babies at 3am?? Sounds vaguely fun only if you're not a working mother..

But of course, first step is to find a partner. Now let's check out SDU - ya, mf's a member, paid not a cent though :p My conclusion? The ladies are generally of a much better quality appearance-wise. Ok ok, mf, don't be shallow.. BUT I AM! :p I compulsively replied to some messages I received - until the grammar and the content, esp of the last message, finally got to me:

"so what research do you do?
and so where has your wanderlust taken you to recently?"

Immediate image is of an ah beng jutting out his chin as he asks questions like "eh, so you want kopi or teh?" Um.. Fine, I'm no ah beng!

So what are you doing after reading my blog? Huh huh? *Chin chin*


The carrot for the majority of Singaporeans to get married early is the oh-so-precious HDB flat cos private housing is just too darn expensive. But carrot seems to be losing its charm if marriage rates and age are anything to go by. I don't need to get married to buy a flat, but I need to be 35 years old plus I'll be limited to resale flats ie old. This sucks. Ok, this is degenerating into my grouches..

HELLO?! 35 is freaking ten years away! Want me to suffocate and go insane and finally die staying where I'm staying now ah?! Reason why I'm blogging in the office at 8pm when I have finished what I want to finish by 740pm is that the only personal space I have in Mother's house is my bed. Which happens to be right next to MZ's freaking TV, positioned nicely to blast crap into my ears if I want to sleep early. And my laptop is placed on the same tea table as the house phone, and I sit on a stool next to it to go online, instantly becoming mosquito feed.

Culturally - and practically, SG being so small and costs are high - we don't move out to live on our own once we start work. But cultures are made by people. And people won't change unless there's motivation, eg cheaper rents? But of course, there's the tight leash held by traditional parents *grumble grumble*

Had dinner with CY and JK las night. Was excitingly telling them my grand plans for my room when the upgrading is finally done - though it hasn't even started fyi. But thinking about it keeps me sane. When I feel like it, I'll draw up a floor plan of my future 6sqft room, and maybe even an artist's impression!

Off to find some food and walk around TPY central - and I won't succumb to Rotiboy!


  1. i can help u to design ur 6sqft room, my extra room is abt 3 sqft, so urs will be twice as mine!! :P

  2. Thanx for the comment! I'll visit your blog.

  3. Lady, you do have options.

    1) Go get married and you don't have to wait. (Zhen fu's idea)

    2) Go rent a room or flat. (Full independence thrown in)

    3) Hope your sister get married, or rent a room or flat first.

    4) Wait for the end of singapore as you know it

    5) Wait for the end of the world

    6) ...and finally wait till you ARE 45


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