Friday, 1 July 2005

Long time no blog!

Jason beeped that he couldn't make it for both lunch and healthy lifestyle yesterday and when I told Joyce the organiser, she made a weeping action..

mf: You made Joyce sad..
Jason: Is my photo still up on the staff directory? Can ask her to look at plum to cure thirst. Haha..
mf: Haha Joyce's having afternoon sickness and it's all your fault!
Jason: I thought she menopause already?
mf: "It's just accumulation of cobweb.." Gee, can't believe this!
Jason: Well, the Chinese get to do spring cleaning once a year. Too bad she's Indian.
mf: I refuse to engage in um, racist talk! Forwarded that to Joyce.
Jason: Better not. Then she asks me to spring clean her cobweb. Then like that how? How?!
mf: ..

We just had a very nice farewell party for Yoga, thanks to dear Joyce. Kind of weird that there's a new guy in his office now though I know posting is inevitable. Really nice to have had him here; he's a great mentor! :)

Somehow, I've always lived in the belief that the make-up of my environment will not change, be it good or bad. Long long time ago, I thought I'd be miserable forever; I'm glad that wasn't true. In JC, I looked forward to school and hoped the two years would stretch and stretch; it didn't but I'm happy that my classmates become such good friends. In Oxford, it felt like I could continue to do the routine forever - study, cook, sleep - but of course I was thrown back to reality after an extended vacation.

And now even into adult hood - define this as when I have to work to support family and myself - at work, I still like to think that my division will always be so fun and ever so wacky! But people left one after another and new people joined too. I can only hope that the fun vibes will always be carried on by us who are still here so we can spread to newbies even as the oldies leave. Gee, like some kind of disease, benign of course :p

On a related note, I don't like farewells, esp soapy ones. I was happy that my farewells had not been soapy, well, maybe twice - once when leaving SG and the other my last flight from UK, both times I felt like I was losing something, the second time being worse.. Perhaps in a way, I take it for granted that oh, we'll always see each other again! Still, what if I never see someone again? If we spend the last minutes together in a drama farewell, it's not something nice for a farewell gift! Might as well be cheery :)

Anyway, I'm glad it's now Fri which means I've survived yet another siong week! Sunday was great - my next entry :) - but it didn't warn me of Mon when I had to work real late and missed my gym class. Yesterday afternoon was a short lull period so I went for the healthy lifestyle event - badminton and table tennis! Real fun but combined with dancing in the evening, my butt and thighs are hurting real bad right now..

Today passed in a flash - in fact, the whole of June passes in a flash! - with a 2.5hr meeting in the morning and all the follow-up after a late lunch. Oh, as part of the f/u, I couldn't resist ranting to two colleagues on certain work matters; can't write here so must write somewhere:p Hmmm, has blogging become an obsession? I even carved out a corner of pantry board as division musings.. Or maybe I just like to share my fluffy thoughts :)

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