Sunday, 3 July 2005

A series of random events

Kok has a PhD in Hokkien, ok.. We were at Kbox yesterday with Kel, Tok and YX, and he was real good with the lyrics to the two Hokkien songs we sang! I could only sing some words accurately cos I remembered them, sighs..

It must be the first time we went out to sing, and before you say anything, Kel was the mastermind, not mf :p

A pretty nostalgic session, we went “三月里的小雨 唏沥沥沥沥沥 唏沥沥沥沥沥下个不停!”Remember the 新谣 “细水长流”? Yes, very old song, popularised in 1998 when it was re-sang. I even pasted the lyrics on my locker door as a dedication to my friends. And 周华健's “朋友”? Songs like these never go out of fashion for us :)

Didn't manage to get what I wanted to get but at least YX got his Max Online, same plan as the other three guys, at $58.80. While the guy was doing his sales, I spotted this "SafeSurf" add-on and asked him. "Oh, it's for, like you can prevent your kids from accessing certain websites.." Kids. What kids?! He went on to say something about viruses but no one was listening by then; I was mortified while the guys were laughing. Grrr..

We were seated when Tok noticed some redness around Kel's eyes.

Tok: Kel has been fully utilising his Max Online..
Kok: Ya, must opt out of SafeSurf to access 58.80 movies!
mf: Gaaar!

YX had bah ku teh for dinner while the rest had noodles from the same stall next to our seats, which was right next to the bah ku teh stall. Kel commented that we never even looked around the foodcourt while Kok said sui bian la. Hmmm, seems that we can draw a parallel between choosing food and choosing a partner!

We had a horribly sinful dessert at Seah Street Deli - five of us shared a chocolate decadence, a brownie and a blueberry cheesecake. When the three plates arrived, we thought it wouldn't be enough. "Excuse me, one carrot cake pls!" We cleaned the plates in 20min flat. Steady right? I was subsequently very motivated to wake up at 830am today to go to the gym, though I slept at 230am.

First dance at Union was crap; couldn't catch the beat. After Hup left, Na taught me some leads, damn tough! Left for kopi and I stupidly asked her where I could get Hello Kitty stuff besides the one in Taka. "You want to get my present ah?" D'oh.. Ok, it's got something to do with your birthday la.. Anyway, I found something real apt for my purpose today :)

Was falling asleep in the cab but forced myself to keep awake. Was finally fully conscious when my eyes happened to focus on a WING as I reached my block - I recognised it as a wing from a fluttering thing! Two seconds later, a living one came into view and I stopped dead in my tracks. The next minute saw me whimpering with my hand over my mouth and dashing along the corridor with my eyes more than half closed. I passed a stationary one at the bottom of my staircase, another one on the wall at the top of the stairs and yet another one fluttering about the next narrow staircase! Almost cried.. Another flying one was waiting for me at the top of the stairs. I whimpered across blindly, dug out my keys and opened the door gently so I didn't wake the one right outside my bedroom window. They were gone this morning but Mother pointed out a dead one on the way back just now.. Super so freaked out.. Why were there so many of them?!

Gym class was great today; we were all screaming and jumping about! :) Going to quit at the end of this package cos I'm sinking a lot of money into ballroom. I'm so going to miss this..

First private lesson today, suddenly understood the stress Ally and Dan felt; all attention on us only! But learnt a lot in just an hour, and also realised that there's still lots more to learn..

I prefer the number 9 to 10 but I must say this: Grams looked very cute today :) Felt like hugging her but didn't cos I thought I might freak her out, heh!

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