Sunday, 17 July 2005

I wish..

I'm experiencing this familiar feeling of chatting online late into the night, like I did back in Oxford.

Was telling Kel on the way back that I would love to listen to Eason Chen's songs in the night at bedtime. His songs are very soothing, though most can make me melancholy if I allow them to. And if that's the case, I would love to be able to get up and go straight to write down my emotions of the moment. Spontaneous! That can only happen when I get my own room though..

No I'm not going into complains of not having my own room. I just want to dream of all the things I can do..

Firstly, the interior design. There will be a nice set of curtains. I'll need a new mattress, willing to invest up to $300. Also need a huge wardrobe with sliding doors. And a matching desk with an exec chair. A desktop definitely, and I want a keyboard with a touchpad, something to resemble a lappy keyboard else I'll be typing at snail pace. May consider an air-con.. Haven't decided on the colour combi yet but it will definitely be a soft cheery one.

When the room is done up, I'll have a opening ceremony with red ribbons! And you may expect cold soba for my room warming party if I throw one - the way the Japanese do it, as Miki said, cos soba is easy to prepare amid moving house!

With a room of my own, I will finally have a resting space and a home to call my own though it's tiny. I'll likely go off work asap just to enjoy my precious personal space. It'll be so much easier to read cos there will be no TV noise, and my CDs will be more utilised cos I'll have open space for them. Then when I'm not going out in the day time, I can sit on my bay window ledge and space out. I can also invite friends over, no space for chairs but my bed can be a nice sofa - just don't put up your feet and don't sit on Meh :p Ah, that's life man..

That's from a wistful mf, at freaking 3am, still in street wear sitting in the living room next to the phone, blogging with light from the kitchen. I shall go shower and enter dreamland happily with these thoughts..


  1. Your room-to-be sounds great! Get a 17- or 19-inch lcd monitor for ur desktop, and wireless keyboard/mouse, then can surf and watch movies from bed like I do ;p - Zain

  2. Is the upgrading at your place done? I cant wait to have a party at ur room..


  3. Wow... dream room!! My room is next to my sister's room now, but shes gonna marry in March. So... Ill remove the curtain hunging between two rooms and be able to have a bigger room!!! So now Im dreaming of my future room with lotsa sweet stuffs!! Hope ya dream room will come true soon....
    I think I should take a shower (I miss bathtub!!!) and go to the dreamland,too. I sometimes think i wanna go to the neverland,though!!
    Anyway see you in the dreamland..


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