Saturday, 30 July 2005

Post midnight rantings - again

Too much rubbish tonight, where to start? Think go chrono; memories are hard to organise when the clock says 2am.

1 - I miss my Man
Been reading The Underground Man this week but didn't bring it out these two days. Don't really know where it's going yet but it's fun; it's like reading a blog on paper. And I took to the writing style, with sentences beginning without a subject - familiar? :p

Sometimes I feel pity for the old duke, alone and slightly paranoid, eg mistaking fatulence for a whole range of illnesses. But this is one cute oldie, albeit somewhat eccentric, the way he sees things is like a child looking at the world and trying to explain how things work the best way he can. Of course, anyone with no prior knowledge but blessed with a hint of imagination, eg the duke, may picture things in similar ways.

Can't decide if it's a sad thing to be living alone in old age. Consider the following: family celebrates your first birthdays for you; you celebrate your birthdays with your friends; you attend weddings of your closest friends and you see them grow fat with family life and kids, you may eventually do the same yourself; many wedding anniversaries and kids' and grandkids' birthdays later, when the youngsters prefer to go clubbing on their birthdays, you find yourself attending funerals of the same closest friends. No I'm usually not so morbid but imagine one day, it's just yourself. I can choose to do what Desdemona did in Middlesex, "I'm going to bed now", and not emerge until ten years later when I die; or I can dig tunnels under my house for weird reasons - if there's a house - and carry on my randomness in this space.


2 - Lower limit again?!
Background: we made Kok compare the looks of certain girls he (and the kaypoh group that is us) was "curious" about. In the end, frame of reference consisted of SY and me. Kok's claim: mf < x < SY. Fine, I accepted the boundary (to some extent) and forgave him for announcing the boundaries on MSN but I refused to admit one of the curiosities as a variable!

Imagine how miffed I was today at a recruitment fair when Al - think I've used Al before but this is a different one ok, cos he didn't want to be called Ali - yes this Al, he used me as a promo tool: see this one (mf), pretty right? In another company she's tops but here, our other ladies are all prettier than her!


Not done yet ok.. He thought I was 30.. &@*%$!
"Eh friend, be nicer to me can?"
"Don't want, why you so tall?? Small and petite like YM good ma.."
Right, my height = my fault?!
"3inch heels! Not that I'm tall; you're not tall enough!"
"But I'm good-looking so it doesn't matter.."
Buay tahan right? Joyce, I'm not the most jia lat ok..

And now, very honestly, do I look like I'm 30?

3 - mf and food
Dinner and drinks with YX, Kel and Al - oh a different one! Can't remember what we were talking about cos feeling quite tired and off, has been an awful week; work was alright but I didn't feel rested over last weekend, plus throat was suffering from all that talking at the recruitment fair cos unlike Al (the non-Ali), I don't have such ability and stamina to keep talking like I did earlier..

Fell asleep in Kel's backseat, remembered a jam at Orchard CTE but the next thing I saw was Novena. Supper was
Thomson prata, mf had two! Sinful, but comforted that I'm hitting the pool (wet one) with the boys tomorrow, no tanning this time - must swim my broken strokes! So here I am, too full to sleep though I have to wake for a 9am dental appointment.. (Kiv: silly deeds at the prata place)

And paiseh, Na! Forgot to call you, thought you would have called YX.. Anyway, looking forward to Sunday brunch :)

Oh remember something suddenly: YX reminded me that I can sell my eggs should I need money - US$20k. Sure, after I've had enough kids, my entire ovary (keep one so that I don't become a she-man) is up for harvest! *.*

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  1. hey chio-bu....

    Sorry lah... some ppl gotta be really aggresive when selling their goods... hahahaha....
    No offence intended...hope none taken....
    The height thing....sorry lah...i gotta be honest... pretti as you are, but once you'r taller than me... i can't take it lah sister...hehehehehe....

    I din have the time to read all your blogs...any nude pics??..hahahaha

    Can't believe you have da time n commitment to type in all your blogs...i gave up mine...used to use it to air my frust abt ma relationship...but now...dunno lah... i very slack one!!...

    But seriously, I hope i dun turn you off!...i dun have any tall pretti gerlfrens...but i wld like to kepp one or two .. to show off!! hahahahahha cya around... n haf a gd weekend!


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