Thursday, 28 July 2005


After writing about it, I'm inspired to wear my deep red punjabi suit today.

An Indian auntie stared at me curiously when I walked past her downstairs.

An Indian uncle cycled past the bus stop and gave me a second look.

The irritating mouse of an old man who always takes the same bus as me at the same bus stop turned back with a quick glance. Felt like shooting him down that instance!

In the office, noticed that Joyce was wearing similar too and so was Nesam.

Then my morning email routine turned up a message from this guy, via SDU, who left his number and his name was - Indian! Checked out his profile immediately - others don't get this privilege ok - but his self description didn't impress. Oh well!

Also realised that cos I took the later bus, I didn't get to see that cute Bollywood guy who boards opposite the school. We alight same stop but he walks damn fast.. He works either in the next building and the one further behind. I once said to myself I would chat him up should I find him in the canteen queue one day. One day hasn't arrived yet..

Another coincidence at ballroom: Sito turned up in red too, but BRIGHT RED. Closer inspection revealed the school crest, no wonder so bright! Anyway started foxtrot today, damn tough!

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  1. gladi aka raynee29 Jul 2005, 20:54:00

    hey, im gladi..... you very ''long breath'' leh.. hehe....

    cool dress..but im not wearing it.

    난사랑햬고수 bleah!! =P


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