Sunday, 17 July 2005

Sweat is salty

Actually I haven't tasted it for a long time, not at the gym cos of the air-con, nor in the park cos I never exert enough! But the badminton session today was a great workout man! I felt I earned my dinner.. Hope to make badminton and/or swimming (more or less) regular activities, esp when I quit gym classes in Oct.

Didn't realise a blister formed on my index finger until it burst. Went into the CC office to ask for tape to bind a piece of tissue around it properly but the kind man offered me a plaster :) And in that two minutes of waiting, I put my name down for two things: SINDA's reading programme and RC volunteer. Quite happy :)

On the way to Esplanade, we passed by floats crawling to NDP at Padang - first time I was so close to the floats! Exciting.. Then halfway through dinner, we could see the fireworks which signified the end of the show - should have brought my camera!

Post dinner drinks made me realise that I've forgotten all my school stuff. What physics, chemistry, even maths, forgotten! Recalled what bio teacher said: slim chance that anyone will ask you what's inside a leaf outside school. Perhaps I shouldn't feel so bad?

Anyway I'm feeling quite weird now, seem to have forgotten the conversations today *.* But I have been kind of weird these two days, like I don't usually come online at this hour! Don't know why..

Let me end with a nice quote on the coffee cup: if you are going through hell, keep going!

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  1. That bio teacher is from our sec school :)

    I remembered that too..



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