Friday, 1 July 2005

slow.. quick quick slow.. mf's inspiration

Finally I'm able to blog on my very first ballroom competition! As spectator la, and live, cos I watched on TV before and was totally awed both counts..

Sunday, 26 Jun 2005, was the 7th Stardust Dancesports Grand Prix. Ally and Dan took part in beginner waltz, quickstep and tango, achieving 7th place for quickstep! *Applause*

I'm the, ahem, official photographer, but with the lighting being crap and dancers twirling around so fast, the photos didn't turn out very nice =( This is a nice one though, finally a bit more relaxed :)

Psst, also check out the latin dancers in the background; the guy partnering the girl in green right behind Ally was a very cute boy :p

Can't remember all the details now as I had to clear hdd space in head for work but I won't forget how the whole thing inspired me, seeing so many dancers congregate and doing so well.. Plus the two only started dancing in Jan/Feb and with hard work, and look, they're now competing. I started in the winter of 2001, stopped after half a year before picking it up again in Jan this year. I haven't been able to get a fixed partner - Hup only wants to do it socially, Sito says I'm too tall. But after Sunday, think we're all so inspired to do more that we're starting private lessons this Sunday, yeah!!

Sunday night, with all that dancing vibes in me, I practised salsa in front of the mirror, all the shines and styling. Still quite ugly :p but have to try and try. Think some latin lessons may do me good :) But for now, I'm looking forward to Sunday! Will be tough I think but I've got to work hard for what I want..

PS: Welcome back, CY! After talking with you just now, I realise my Jul is going to repeat May and Aug, Jun! Sucks, but we'll catch up asap :)

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  1. Nay, both of ur heights are juz nice. Gambatte! U r doing well! By the way, Dan looked haggard in the foto leh. Dun u agree? 4 me, I think I'm more relaxed after the competition was over!



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