Monday, 25 July 2005

Overdue stuff

Spent ten minutes in the basement of the impressive brand new lib on North Bridge Road, borrowed a book and left for class. Later I found that the loan receipt said that I owed NLB $1.50. Blur for a while before the smarter half of mf thought to check online e-services: fine/renewal fee for a book entitled "liuxiaofeng".. Now this half became stupid too. Rationality took over: YQ!! He admitted he used my old lib card but had no cashcard to pay for the fine. Idiot.. I shall rip up the old card tonight, you know, the blue and white one, laminated and very lao pok one? No la, I'll just keep it with me so no chance of misuse..

Anyway, here it is finally, revealing Na's trophy from earlier this month!

(Surface is my mattress)

Been trying to find a figurine of this exact size. How lucky I am that it's from a savings bank somemore! Cos the trophy is for this very purpose..

 Heh, now Na has to live up to it :p Jia you!

Very sad the photos turned out crap in fluorescent light.. But still cute right? To think I almost had to use cardboard toilet roll to make it, can you imagine Hello Kitty crowning a wrapped TOILET ROLL?? I had totally forgotten about these glass bottles widely popular in (my) pri/sec school time as pretty but pretty useless birthday presents. But I was roaming Popular for pink paper as raw materials for the toilet roll when I rediscovered the bottles!

Also discovered:
1) Double sided tape is damn cheap - 60cents; always thought it real ex when in school. The last time I bought a roll was likely sec school. That's the difference between $0.80-$2 daily allowance and current $xxx.yy daily income.
2) But this tape doesn't work very well on nice textured paper like Kitty's pink nest; I had to use a bit of elephant glue in the end.
3) Elephant glue is my trusted super glue, again cheaper than expected - 90cents.
4) Super glue doesn't work very well on wood surface - Kitty took a whole night to sit still.

Going back further in time, I missed out on an event cos the photos were late and few. It was an afternoon beach party organised by Female (magazine la) - Ker's friend got tickets. Sun was cooperative that day, very happy. But when the time came for games, we realised our beach umbrellas were too close to the stage - and then it was too late to move.. Ker and I were in for a newspaper game, not exactly the easiest game for big-footed people like us! We didn't learn our lessons and continued to sit there. His friends kena next but while they won something, they came back smelling of Coppertone! But overall nice la, eye candy abound, including a pair of very cute (adult) twins, heh!

Which leads me to an even older event - the very boring company D&D last year. My division didn't fill a table; entertainment wasn't great; MC wasn't too smart either. And I, mf the great, was sabo-ed for Miss World, along with five others who were wearing recognisable costumes: Japanese, crusader, Malay etc. I wore a Punjabi suit but MC hesitated for half a second and went "woman of the world"! Wtf! Call yourself a Singaporean! Ok, maybe she's not, don't care.. Anyway I wasn't too pleased that I had to do stupid things on stage and be branded as such. I was teamed up with Mr Crusader, knew him from work so ok la just gao xiao a bit and get it over and done with. Turned out I walked away with the title and better, $100 Valuair voucher! No photos cos we forgot to take that evening and his costume was rented. Otherwise quite interesting right, different cultures, different eras somemore!

And before this gets overdue as well, Ally and Dan got third in tango yesterday - congrats! :) They did well in waltz and quickstep too, coming in 4th for each. Check their blogs for details someday..


  1. wah yeah it's way overdue... I thought I clicked on archives or something, but can't be, since the trophy is new...


  2. yes you do noe me... and i noe you too.... bleah!


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