Saturday, 23 July 2005

Girl from modelling agency stopped me on the streets

I know I know, her eyes kena pasted over by stamps. Came to the conclusion that the pretty skinny girls were all elsewhere today. Nevertheless, I felt pretty after that. Even better, when shopping I could fit into the smallest skirts, all of which made my legs look thinner than usual. I should be ashamed for being so easily pleased but I'm not! :p Just when I decided it was my day, it freaking rained! Hence here I am..

Did a presentation yesterday. While I was seated in the board room and pausing the presentation for discussion, a familiar smell floated into my consciousness. Reminded me of some place in Oxford. But where? Ok next slide.. And more discussion.. Couldn't place the smell, couldn't even decide if it was pleasant or otherwise. I didn't think it was in SG either.. Yet more slides and more discussion. It was 130pm and the empty confusion in my tummy was spreading upwards..

Suddenly it hit me. It was between Oxford and SG - flight cabin smell! Yucks.. Mystery solved. Next!

I guess I'm learning to smoke better these days. That was my third presentation. Yes I'm keeping count ok. The first some time last year was a disaster; I could barely remember the whole thing afterwards. The second one was just three weeks ago; I was jittery but prepared enough. But yesterday, the butterflies were mostly dead in my stomach. I suspect the fourth one is impending but I shall not think about it yet.

Had dinner with YX yesterday. SY was supposed to be there as well but heard she had a meeting last minute. But Kel was evil - "better to fly plane than to have (SY's) bf come after (YX) with a chopper"! Obviously still sore over the deleted MMS incident.. But must give it to Kel for being the first of my friends to convince me that he will be a good teacher! Mr Lim, jia you ah! :)

Should go watch anime now, feel a need to vegetate, has been a long time..


  1. Congratulations, so you look like a model? That's very good for eveything to look pretty.

  2. Wow! yea... I think ya pretty and good to hear that you had a good day!

    I also think Japanese roundabout way of expressing feelings is because of its language and its culture.. yea, completely agree with you. So we're not get used to be told sth so straightforward, too!

    Thank you for ya advice. I think things bout that trouble goes smoothly now. At least, theres no possibility that I become his gf. I don like him, and he has a secret that prevent him from having a gf....and i happened to find that secret. Anyway anyway, its almost over.

    Oh, you saw 今 会いに行きます? I envy you... coz that DVD is not available in Australia!

    Btw, watched 'ima, ainiyukimasu' last night, love it!

  3. So How???? Did u go for it?? Few months down the road...Hottest model!!! i'm putting my stakes on u!

  4. great job on the presentation :) i don't like them either. only done a short one so far, though i didn't prepare any of the slides.

    mf the model :) nice ring to it.



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