Sunday, 10 July 2005

mf the clown?

Had a 930am dental appointment in town yesterday, yes, when I went out late Fri night! Very clever of me right but I also very vain so of course vanity wins :p Discussed various options for a discoloured tooth and finally settled on veneering. It's the best apart from crowning which is more drastic. Btw, Na, my dentist charges $400 for crowning!

I had a little x-ray taken of that tooth and she showed me the calcification in the root canal which might explain the discoloration. Did a vitality test too, cute device that worked by conducting current through toothpaste or something like that. Then we took a mould of my teeth and chose a colour. I always thought my teeth were all off-white at best but turned out she had to use the whitest colour to match! Happy :)

Next stop was the pool with the usual suspects Kel and Kok, plus YX who travelled long distance to swim with us! I said I'll go to Jurong West to find him one day, go eat stingray :p

Afternoon sun was very steady; I was so charred after 1.5hr of lying in the sun! Satisfied, I decided to join the swimmers in the crowded pool. Bumped into a secondary school friend and chatted for a while. But I did swim a bit la, just not as much as the others. Had a (very) late lunch after that - YX still amazes me by the amount he eats, just like Kok still does too with his street directory power! Went back to AMK to la kopi and we saw a small make-shift stage for an evening event called Clap! by CS CDC. The performers were rehearsing their songs and I went up to them, chatted a bit :p I so wanted to sing!! Hmmm, idea forming in head..

YX asked me if Kel and Kok always niao me like they did yesterday - ya - and he was wondering why I was still hanging out so often with them. This reminded me of what Hup said a while ago, that I enjoyed being teased, for lack of a better word. In other words, am I fan jian?!

Honestly, I don't mind being teased by friends leh, cos I know they mean no harm, not to mention the great entertainment value for everyone; in fact, I laugh along! Of course there are exceptions, off-hand I can think of this guy who used to go on and on and think he was very funny when fellow companions' expressions - esp mine! - clearly showed otherwise, bah!

Somehow I tend to say or do some things which people can quite immediately pick on and twist into something else. If it's not their niao personalities, it's me and for me, I've had a think about it and decided that it is due to two reasons: I'm either too narcissistic to think about what people may say, or not too aware of my surroundings before commenting on things.

Eg 1: narcissism at work, aka zi4 zhao3 de
Can't remember exactly but I said something about someone saying I looked better these days.
mf: But well, he hasn't seen me for a while..
Kok: You mean he hasn't seen girls for a while!
mf: ..

Eg 2: blur-ness, or what Sito termed "mf's moments"
The most memorable one was the gate; people are still harping on it six years on! But ya, I must agree, that was so duh of me that I totally deserved it!

I don't mind being an accident clown, and I think I'm a pretty pretty clown at that! When we're all old and no longer ambulant, it's this kind of old tales that will keep us laughing ok.. Alright, that's far-fetched; we may be senile by then :p

Anyway, didn't make it to Clap! cos was late for a house party at WS's, near my Grams. Said hi to Grams who was sitting with the grannies as I walked past - she's the best looking granny! We were ten around the table with Tiger and groundnuts (and others la), very fun except that I was so burnt out by 11 that I gave up going to Union and had to ditch the party by 1am. Had eight hours of sleep this time and here I am, refreshed! :)

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