Sunday, 10 July 2005

Happy birthday, Na!

Fri started off with a chill and I was dying in the office. Post-dinner nap cured me enough to step out at 1030pm in party gear, with no idea of destination as an alternative to Thumper came up - CoccoLatte. So I bused to Far East. Couldn't get Na, was hoping she wasn't already pissed at Union :p In the end, I entertained myself for some time at the Far East bus stop, dodging cockroaches and wondering why other people didn't seem to notice the darn things creeping past their feet. Was almost midnight by the time I found CoccoLatte. It hit midnight while we were in the queue - welcome to my age bracket, Na! :) Next I say that we'll all be 30!

Actually I had been looking forward to Fri for some time cos we had agreed to go party for her birthday; I hadn't been out for months, MONTHS. But it didn't turn out too fun. Coccolatte was her friend's suggestion and the music wasn't for her. Then there was unwelcomed company. Lessons learnt: I shall decide by myself and not invite any old cow for my own do. But that's months away so back to this..

We left soon for Momo but no one was too keen to go in. Na seemed a bit gone and my feet were killing me (but I still love my stilettos) so we went to the prata place near Amara before heading back. Oh my cab driver was very nice! He purposely pulled up next to Na's cab at a junction so I could say hi :) Then we talked about cab industry and various, and I stayed on to chat for a couple of minutes after I paid! Grateful for the cheerful company after a dreary evening, kept me awake in the cab.

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