Saturday, 1 October 2005


Just told mine that SZ is getting married next Sat. Then she said I should too!


Now she's talking.. Who was the one who always reminded us all not to get involved in bgr just under ten years ago??

"As a student, shouldn't ma! But now different!"

How different? Work is keeping me busier than my studies had ever been and for longer hours at that, not to mention less control over time. School days are the best times for dating, even if it's just for the experience. You miss that and you suffer the lack of time and the (under-developed?) dating scene in SG. So singlehood rates are chasing Everest while marriage and fertility rates are falling to the bottom of the deep blue sea.

Just wanted to rant on lunch conversation - better save my brain juices to read the stack in front of me now.. Oh, brought work back cos I decided against the creepy office. Just Thurs, I was alone in the evening happily trying to finish up stuff when I heard noises from the far end. If it was a printer or something, I could make myself let it go but it sounded totally unlike a machine, like someone was moving things around! I didn't believe there were rats big enough to make such noises in the office but I wasn't about to check it out! I felt very uncomfortable suddenly and seriously panicked, chucked lappy into drawer without waiting for it to shut down and left the building without looking back once!

Ok ok, really must work!!

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