Saturday, 1 October 2005

mf's mean!

This page received 1,380 reads in Sep. Think steady rate is 1-1.4k per month. Then I look at the Friendster visitor count for Sep - about 1.1k. Phew! I'll be damned the day it exceeds my blog count! Nevertheless, I get great entertainment out of some messages I received and now I share my amusement :p

1 - lame
Some people have a template they keep using - too darn long! I never found out what they said; why should I spend time reading long-winded junk from a stranger? Some of these people then sent me the same template twice - off to block list. Same fate for those who kept sending smiles. Blocked!

2 - *.*
Pictures - let's just say the ladies are easier on my eyes, and they generally don't allow Friendster smiley face to represent them or stick to the latest Ferraris..

3 - *blink blink*
Received dubious messages from married men, one went: ".. status married wis to have friend. i am 172cm and 70kg .if interested please reply thank."

Eh, tell me what to think??!

4 - getting physic-al
Some guy asked if I would be interested in a physical fling, "no strings attached" and he mentioned he drove.

Very straightforward but I checked out his photo for like 2 sec - physical fling candidate what - before hitting the back button. Twice. So what if you drive? Do men think that a car is everything? I'm more concerned about the driver.. But Kel, ever the corny physicist, asked, no string how to fling? :p

5 - my fav
A question asked in earnest: "i would like to be your friends, can i be your friends?


mf's correction:
I (capitalisation) would like to be your friend ("I" is singular). (end of sentence) Can I (again) be your friend (again)?

Regards (capitalisation and the missing "s"), (punctuation - some may argue it's not necessary, ok)

Not to mention that it will be scary to have one person for friendS, like he/she is a schizo! :p

Ok, I'm just plain nasty for picking on this one.. I do reply to some msg in colloquial English la.. La :p And yes, I'm bored. Am hungry! I should cook lunch now..

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  1. haha, this is funny. oh btw, i surfed on in from your friendster profile(i'm gabriel, sito's friend. think salsa). can i suggest you try changing your photos to something horrendously vile and see if you get as many hits for the mth? this wld be a good test for the hypothesis that pple are attracted to photos of beautiful pple (i.e. visual addicts) rather than to well-crafted, well-thought-out , witty profiles. maybe u'll get an equivalent no. of hits because u already have such an interesting profile? test it :)


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