Friday, 30 September 2005

Partners in crime

A while ago on MSN..

Na: jus squished a cockroach right outside my room, reluctant to clear up the mess now
mf: thanks i designate you official pest buster of future house .. fine i be caretaker
Na: i kill u clear ah?
mf: but you must make sure it surely is dead ah...
Na: i will definitely make sure it is dead, tat's why it's spread across the floor yeah.. i must mash it, i will never let it resurrect
mf: okok.. *scary* but don't make my job so diffi leh
Na: bo bian.. would u rather it is still one piece but struggling and moving and NOT DEAD?
mf: =( ok

I dare not kill cockroaches; they are scary and they are too big to kill.. The last thing I killed was a mosquito this year - small and bloody (likely mine), serve it right! The one before that was a spider in 2002, 1" diameter - it took multiple hits with a bleach bottle to finally kill it - but I actually wasn't sure if it died before I threw it out into the front yard =( Anyway, I got emotional in the killing process.. I should really stick to clearing the crime scene..

Think Na the Murderess and mf the Caretaker make quite a good pair, ya? :p

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