Sunday, 18 September 2005

Happy Lantern Festival!

Ytd went for lunch with the Guides, haven't seen them for so long! But everyone was late. One went for yoga, one overslept, one didn't know about it until 1130am (lunch was for noon), one was working (mf) and the other two were relatively early..

Left them to meet YX after buying two charcoal pencils - will be using them tonight at the lantern do with the TGPS peeps! Took me almost an hour of walking to get from Orchard to City Hall while on the phone with Sito who called when he read my last entry. Thanks to everyone who beeped or asked after me one way or another! :) I'm really ok now, it's as if Fri morning never happened, strangely..

Dinner was at Lerk Thai at the new Marina Square, yummy and cheap! And I like the new mall, must go check it out properly one day! YX and I were just walking around checking out furniture cos he was revamping his room. Saw super expensive mattresses and nice decor. Then as we passed by the stretch of bridal shops, we were attacked left-right-centre by sales and pamphlets *.* Siam-ed to Harvey Norman to look at more furniture. The bed frame he liked was nice but the corners were the sharpest I'd ever seen - potential danger points! Then I spotted this mosquito net and my interest must have shown cos the lady told me that was for decor - I would have to go to Ikea to buy it.. D'oh!

Na rang YX, asked if we wanted to go clubbing. Um, medication for me and YX just wasn't dressed for it lor. In the end, we went to la (expensive) kopi and looked through YX's photos from San Diego etc. The campus photos made me wish I were a student once more..

Returned early to sleep cos wanted to go for aerobics this morning, but it was raining outside and it was nice to laze in bed :) I'll go tomorrow instead.. Did some work before going for class. Despite half of us being ill (Sito, not me), I thought we did pretty well today! Must jot down Shifu's tips..

Was very hungry by the time I got to Grams' cos I forgot to have lunch.. Gobbled a quarter baked mooncake and a quarter snow-skin one on arrival, and had dinner within the next hour, buurrp! Like that, how to lose weight?? Sighs..

Realised that Grams' birthday is in one month's time - 19th day of 9th lunar month - and Mother's too - 15th of same month. Must plan already, love to plan for her birthday, cos all my cousins will appear - just like CNY! :)

Ok, must prepare for the lantern thing already, going to Bishan Park this year.. Oh, the moon is really huge tonight! :)

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