Friday, 9 September 2005

Pissed off!

I'm supposed to be having Thai food right now with some colleagues but instead, I've asked them to go first and I'm sitting here waiting for fucking inputs for an event tomorrow evening, which I'm supposed to attend as a rep from the staffing division (mine), with this colleague from the corp comms side who was - I couldn't believe this - having coffee downstairs when I was looking for him. And I have to cancel my ballroom class cos the two clash. Fine, if I have to cancel my precious class for work, fine but this part of my work - hell, I don't think it's my job to be there and I don't think I even need to be present! - is disgusting, but main thing is, I don't understand why the other party whose inputs I'm STILL waiting for should take so freaking long to come up with FAQs for an emergency situation that emerged this morning, when such situations have happened before, which means they must have standard responses! This is so fucked up, I rather spend the remaining Friday nights of Sep doing real, constructive work! This waiting is a pure waste of my time!

I have to keep writing to keep my sanity.

Never in my past 1yr 8months of working life was I subject to such irritaton and angst. I had planned to go to the gym tomorrow before ballroom but now I have to come back to office to get the stuff before going to the event - I'm going for drinks later, can't bring all the stuff along.

Can't believe it but I'm running dry on anger.. I'll take the time to blog other stuff..

Update 10 Sep 05

My work station is a mess. Walked in at noon just now, picked up the newspapers at the door and dumped them on my desk, rummaged for that article while lappy was starting up. Then read the document that I was waiting for last night - reached me at freaking 847pm - and started researching for info for my boss's boss's ... boss's boss's event this evening. Just managed to send out the info, rang to notify her. "Ok, I think should be fine. Thank you." Phew!

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