Wednesday, 28 September 2005

Yucky mf

Went for a massage yesterday - nothing unusual except that it was accompanied by my first wrap at Amore.

As I laid there face down I had expected the cream or spread to be cold like the scrubs I did during previous visits. But no, it was really warm and felt like a big fat tongue :p cos my therapist Ivy used this big fat brush to apply the thing, oooh!

When I turned over, I opened my eyes and was shocked to see that I had become swamp girl - the thing was an ugly gooey black like dark cement! She continued to paint me until the only fair bits were my face, palms, soles, triangles and coins :p Then she folded the plastic sheet I was lying on over me - mf the Mummy! - and put two towels on top before pulling a blanket out of nowhere (it was hanging off the bed la but I didn't notice before that) to cover me.

I was still for the next twenty, first feeling the blanket heating up and then drifting into heavenly oblivion. Woke up only when Ivy called me. I like. Think I'll do wraps more often next time :)

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