Wednesday, 28 September 2005

mf is surprised

Apparently, despite all my misgivings and clumsiness, my informal written language and usual silence in meetings, my work review turned out quite fine! I'm surprised by that and also by what I'm feeling now - happy - cos I've always thought I don't really care how I perform. I still don't see work as my first priority in life but I have to concede that I do care about it. Perhaps cos I've been spending more time on it these days. No dates what, so sell my youth first :p

Of course, there are areas I need to take note of and *try* to improve on. So now I'm pressuring myself to work harder.. Already tend to work late these days but time is not the sole factor; I need quality! I should spend more time thinking than fighting fires *self reflection*

Have an inspiration to write down all I like and dislike about work..

1) My office - see other post just below.. Will I have enough "The office" kind of posts to start considering having our own little sitcom??
2) The adrenaline rush when doing something urgent/important, even having to work late (when I don't have social commitments :p)
3) The scope of my work - um, classified but it's interesting!
4) The fifth floor people, notably Ah Beng and Karen, not least for calling me "beauty" all the time la! They know how I like my mee already, dubbed "mf's" - no chilli, no oil, less ketchup but throw in those sliced red chillis! :p Nice to make small talk while waiting for prawn mee..
5) The aunties at the Muslim rice stall - One of them asked me, "Become Muslim already, always eating here!" And they recognise me as the girl who doesn't need plastic bags or spoons. Oh, and no gravy too :p
6) I'm a single (short) bus ride away from work - oh be envious!
7) I spend peanuts on lunch if I eat in. Um, I seriously mean peanuts, you know, the kind you eat..

1) The frustration when doing something urgent/important but people whose inputs I need refuse to respond! Then there were also a couple of times when a bombshell landed on me from somewhere up there and I had to deal with that at the same time *.*
2) Yes, too many fires raging!
3) I'm expected to do presentations, voice opinions on issues etc kind of things that require me to *gasp* speak up in front of many people.. You may wonder: I can sing to a crowd but I can't freaking talk?! Yes, I suddenly realised this in the toilet (no doubt a superb place for idea generation) some time this week that I can speak up only in a small group setting but I can't sing in the same small group - I need a bigger audience for my lovely singing voice! Does it follow by induction that if I can see a presentation as a performance, I may do better? Shall try!
4) Sometimes, I need to look at data and analyse findings.. Nooooo! o_O
5) All those courses I have to attend, some can be damn boring! Have a five-day course pending, dreading it..
6) Selection of food sucks - I'm thankful I tend not to be choosy about variety, so long as it's in mf's style :p
7) Office can be scary when I'm alone, even in the day! *.*

Hmmm, rather even in the end.. Well then, I declare higher weightage for the likes :)

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  1. Hmm, I don't understand why you are concerned before your work review leh. I thought you have been doing a fantastic job.


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