Thursday, 29 September 2005

Friends on sms

Kel was saying the world doesn't revolve around someone.

mf: Oh but it does around me and don't bother arguing.. :p
Kel: Of course it does around you, such a massive body
mf: ='( you're mean! I'll starve myself to death and you'll be guilty forever!
Kel: Pls don't, cos if you do, your immense g field will collapse to a point and you become a black hole. You will suck things in and so you become a erm, sucker? Hiak
mf: *he hiak-ed me?!* Ya I'll suck you in and digest you so you become the pile of shit that you know you really are!
Kel: If I already am, aren't you then eating shit? Ha I know, that's your staple
mf: .. Shit! I go sleep.. Not fun anymore!
Kel: Haha good night. I WIN!

It's sad but it's true: winning mf is such a cheap thrill! Sighs..

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