Saturday, 17 September 2005

Crappy problem

For the first time in my life, I found myself being wheeled into A&E - at least, I believe it was the A&E cos my eyes were closed in pain. My bill registered 554am, 16 Sep 2005.

For the first time in my life, I was injected with morphine, 7mg, I think.

For the first time in my life, I mooned a doctor while moaning in pain, the morphine still a minute away (and its effect, another five)

For the first time in my life, I took a dump in a bed pan.

And I learnt that morphine could make you nauseas.

I learnt that our paramedics were mostly foreigners (my occupational hazard!)

I learnt that severe physical pain might not be accompanied by tears.

The pain woke me up at 5am or so. Turned over and tried to sleep, willing it to go.. But it was not to happen - it was starting to feel like one of those evil tummy pains that only a trip to bathroom can cure. I knew cos I've always had problems with my stomach and this kind of tummy upset happens once every so often.

But this time it seemed different suddenly. The pain became excruciating and I felt like puking. I can no longer remember how long it was before I cried out for Mother. She didn't respond until I banged on the bathroom door, you know that noisy metalic piece of antique?

I remember thinking, as the paramedics carried me down in a stretcher, that I must be so heavy o_O

I knew the needle sticking out of my right hand was damn long; could feel the thing right under my skin and the entry point was feeling sore. It hurt when the doc put it in but I was glad I was in too much pain to see it cos I saw it being taken out and I was shocked! It must have been some 5cm long and worse, its diameter was something like 2mm!! The half near the end was bloody. Now my right hand is disfigured with a red mark, which feels bruised. But I type on..

After (three cups of water and) a urine test and an X-ray, Doc came by to say it was constipation (*.*) colic, and that, well, I had too much crap in me as well, literally! For the record, I usually go everyday, ok..

He released me but the nurses had to make sure everything was ok. But my blood pressure was too low! I first saw the machine register 4*-6* or something like that. Nurse changed to a new wrap and it measured 4*-8*. Was finally brought to another machine where my blood pressure was pronounced to be 4*-9*. Ok la :p

Almost puked in the cab on the way to work but lucky for the cabbie abang, I only retched a bit into a plastic bag. Then I was kicking with life once more! Yeah baby!

Was chatting with Joyce and Siok. (Ok, I shall not mention Siok's tongue :p) We were thinking: colic, as in colicky babies? Joyce said my tummy must be still a baby (I later bit back: so is her brain), which was why I had colic. Later, Na enlightened me that colic could happen to adults as well. Gee, I never knew!


  1. cheah tse boon says: wah...serious ahz?? wat exactly happened???

  2. Reminded me about the time I landed in hospital... I'll never forget the IV needle when the nurse pulled it out.. Yeeks.. SO much blood and the stupid nurse could only say "Wah, your blood doesn't clot easily hor" O_o" Freak out!!

    Hope u ok now..More dancing awaits..

  3. oohh.. didnt read this until after the meetup.. but you looked fine, altho a bit pi tou san fa... dun eat so much dessert bah :p... you getting too rich food :P hahaha


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