Thursday, 8 September 2005


Just last Fri at lunch with my bosses, I was responding to something and said I couldn't understand how some people could go clubbing on weekdays and be mentally there for work the next.

Then I went to Zouk last night after ballroom *.*

This was the first time I was there proper (last I popped in from Velvet to look-see but that wasn't mambo anyway) and it was great fun! Interesting how the hardcore took to the centre podium with their moves, all synchronised! But I knew no moves; just shook my ample booty, hoping to break even with all those empty calories downed during the 1-for-1 hour :p

1) cute waiter but he must be what, 12?
2) Sito got us drinks - thanks, I saved to pay for my 9th cab ride this month :p
3) haven't had this much dancing since I think Feb? Ballroom/ Salsa not counted..

4) kena bumped by a) a certain celeb's bum - no she's not that thin (yet?), and b) a sweaty girl wearing too little for her size (she must be twice my width but a fraction of my height)
5) my feet died halfway when the rest of me was still alive, likely cos I recommended the wrong bus and we had to walk all the way from somewhere off Zion Road.. Still, my next shopping list: party shoes. Period.

Lesson learnt:
Cliche as it is, the best is to dance like nobody is watching (after a few rounds of drinks for me)

Oh, I haven't mentioned my company! Was with Sito and more sir/mdms I met last week, excluding Hup cos he refused, totally unmoved by Sito's advances (latter's words!) and my cajoling, stubborn and so dedicated to his work!

Hey, I'm still alert at work here ok.. But I doubt I can survive KLK drinks tomorrow if I go Union tonight.. Will see!

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