Thursday, 15 September 2005

Hallmark et al

Friend said she felt like a lousy friend cos she had never sent a card to her friends. I say, hey that's not the way to define friendship!

I used to like to send Xmas cards, CNY cards etc. And every birthday, I would struggle to find a suitable present and a card to match. But then presents repeated themselves and I would trouble over what to say in the cards after the typical superficial birthday wishes.

The last card I wrote was to Miki when she was here in May, but for no special occasion at all except that I had something to tell her. I can't remember the last time I sent a birthday/ Xmas etc card; must be some time in sec school..?

Now my way of celebrating is to have a good time together, usually over a hearty meal somewhere. Think it beats giving presents that people may not like/ use, or mass-produced Precious Moments cards that end up in the bottom of some drawer before the ultimate destination of deep dark garbage bag - I have no wish to see them off any further than that.

Received many cards and some letters over the years, many of which were long discarded. Those I kept were either homemade or more than just the usual festive greetings, and I would take them out to read from time to time.

Then there are souvenirs. I never see the point of racking my brains on what to get for the folks back in SG when I should be enjoying myself on a trip! And there's also no point getting something just for the sake of bringing back stuff. Like, I'm sure everyone have at least one of those wooden doll keychains from Thailand! Pls! But I think bringing back your photos is a good idea; I'd love to see them :)

Hence, should you receive that rare card or something from mf, you can be sure it reminds me of you or our friendship.. (Usually la, cos it can be totally random too, coming from mf!)

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