Saturday, 3 September 2005

Showing off for the first time

Just back from dessert with Jo - she's back with husband from KL this weekend. Didn't manage to talk to her much until the rest were gone. Didn't mind it was quite late by then; first nice chat with her in a very long time..

Been a long day man.. Was on morning leave today - oh, should be yesterday - but woke even earlier cos I had a meeting at 11am and I needed my laptop, which I didn't bring back last night - as in Thurs night :p - cos I was out salsa-ing.

Anyway I finally reached NJ by 845am after braving rain on a breezeless morning. Purpose? Teaching assistant for Sito's ballroom appreciation class!

Bite-size bits:

1) I was introduced as MS *PUT SURNAME HERE*!!! Goodness, last time I was known as Ms *put surname here*, it was in NJ too, when I was doing year 1 FM relief teaching. Nolstalgic..

2) We were demo-ing shoulder hold when some students muttered something about strangling each other. I immediately made a strangling action at Sito :p

3) Enjoyed myself a lot; I actually do like imparting knowledge. But also realised that I'm so not suited for teaching cos I'm just not patient enough, besides having difficulty putting things across in words. Used a lot of demo for this one. Plus, I cannot be stern when I need to.

4) Realised how noisy I could have been at 17/18 *.* But LH reminded me that kids these days were more easily distracted. Hmmm, so perhaps I wasn't that yada yada last time!

5) Overall had been a great chance to dance in front of many people (oh it was very popular, like 30+ dancing and another 10+ sitting and watching) - good to show off despite being not too good! :p

6) You might have expected this one: the girls thought I was pretty! Made my day :)

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