Saturday, 10 September 2005

On par with THE kilogram

mf has unwillingly become the 8th SI unit, the ISLB - International Standard of Lower Boundary, aka lower limit. Usage is more for sociology: any girl whose looks are less than the ISLB cannot make it! In fact, n-ISLBs, where n>1, do not exist, cos no one can be lower than the ISLB!

On retrospect, however, the broken mathematician in me thinks that the argument is flawed. If n>1, n-ISLB must be >ISLB! In fact, the whole thing doesn't make much sense! Nvm, just a bunch of drunkards bullshitting..

It was WX's farewell drinks last night - she's going back to Japan on Mon. I joined them quite late, found everyone to be in high spirits, which made me feel better from the whole work thing last night - thanks :) WX had a new haircut, looking fresh and uplifted - nice! Na just got her new pink phone, lovely - um, both person and phone la.. But poor HL looked so tired! Hang on, just one more trip and you're done with the project! Then there were Kok who has been working his life away but piling on savings, Kel looking like beng beng (imagine that!) and YX showing us his lovely photos from Japan.

There were too many of us and too many random bits flying about - questions, insults, (Kel's) mad laughter. Kok's ears must be failing - he heard me saying he could stay at my place when I said they could come cook at my place again. He said he would then promote me to central limit if he ahem, stayed at my place.. Kel started reciting the Central Limit Theorem, gee..

After Na, HL and Kok left, we then headed for supper at Kopitiam where we continued our verbal assault. YX was saying it's interesting how our friendships were built on such random continuous bickering and merciless teasing. True indeed, there's no harm done/ no bad feelings, we laugh with/at each other, we laugh at ourselves, and years later, we may recall and laugh again :)

Anyway, WX, do take care, hope to see you in Japan within the next couple of years!!

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