Saturday, 24 September 2005

No laptop! =)

There's still work to be done but well, it's staying in the office this weekend :p

Went to Union on Thurs. Had a lovely chat with Na over dinner on our future house! Think we covered every single room already - the decor, the furniture, the electrical and electronic equipment etc. I know I'm taking forever to draw up the floor plan and list of things to buy.. Ok, will get to work asap..

It was a busy day at work yesterday, as it had been lately. But mf was hungry, very hungry in fact, after seven Teochew dumplings for lunch. Shut down everything close to 9pm and left office for dinner, all the while jittery and imagining the unimaginable, eg I might hear a scream the moment I switched off the lights! Walked into the toilet bearing thoughts of seeing ghosts in the mirrors or the lights going off while I was taking a leak.. Managed to work myself up further in the lift, not daring to look around cos I feared unwanted company in the lift - recalled that scary movie "The Eye"! Tend to imagine too much when I'm the last to leave *shudders*

It was quite late when I reached New Asia Bar. First time there. Nice scenery but I was pissed, thrice:

1) Bouncer checked my friend's ID but not mine =/ Related, some girls approached us for a game to win prizes and I was asked to fill in a form - realised I'm now in a different age bracket..

2) Some random guy came to our table and asked to look at our hands, saying what which finger should be longer than which finger for guys and the other way round for girls. My hand proved his little theory wrong and he immediately turned to the other girl in the group, "I think you're normal. Let me see your hand.." HEY, AM I NOT NORMAL?! (Btw, we thought he was trying to hit on one of the guys in our group :p)

3) Had a beer, a double shot and then more beer. Enough said *.* Headed off to Geylang for supper. To my disgust, they had only soya bean milk! No oolong tea for me! That's my standard drink after the other more potent standard drinks! Instinctively felt that Sat morning would be hell..

But I had fun! Largely thanks to the tequila that made me forget I couldn't move nicely properly in my stiff office skirt :p Decided I should not have beer unless it's to cai quan. Decided I should always wear jeans for dancing. Or those little skirts I love so much when I feel thin. Decided that I would steer away from groups of dancing girls if I value my poor toes, which happen to be nicely pedicured lately..

Anyway, woke up feeling cute instead, and in my waking-up confusion kissed my Eeyore's left foot thinking it was his snout! I actually made it to ACM in time for the 11am guided tour. The guide was a volunteer but I thought she was great! Had a quick lunch before going back to explore the galleries slowly on my own. My fav were the Indian and Chinese ones. Too bad my camera ran out of battery (again!)

Kel joined me at 1+ for the guided tour for the Journey of Faith, the exhibits from the Vatican. It was cool! I'm not religious la, but lately I've been into art history in Europe during the Italian Renaissance. Religion - Christianity here - was an important component of the art of that period. So you may say I'm taking an academic interest here. Made a note to find out more about this, as well as my other interest that is Chinese history.

I was suffering from traveller's fatigue by the end of the museum tour. Walked around a bit more after the guided tour with Kel as my personal guide on the religion. Think I'll want to return to the museum armed with two camera batteries, a sketch pad and more comfortable shoes. Kel left for mass while I popped into a number of shops and emerged victorious with a pretty skirt and a pair of trousers :)

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  1. Brain cells = Brain cells (t=0) x exp (-ft), where f is directly proportional to alcohol consumed...


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