Monday, 5 September 2005

Getting fat but contented

Thurs dinner: Sushi Tei
Fri lunch: Sakae at Funan
Fri dinner: almost ate at this Okinawa place but had brownie at NYDC instead
Sat dinner: Sakae at Funan

I like Jap food, obviously :p

But Sat, Sito and Hup kena sauce when waiters dropped food right next to our table; Sito got it worse. And he taught us a lesson in asserting your rights. We - Ally, Hup and me - watched in awe how he, eh, expressed his displeasure to the staff. He didn't raise his voice, just made it plain clear that it was an accident that could have been avoided. They took his shirt for cleaning, hope it wouldn't stain..

More eating on Sunday; KLK had their first cookout! I declare it a smashing success :) though unfortunately, HL and Kok couldn't make it.. Next time? :) WX helped prepare the salad while I whipped up the chilli con carne and pasta. Bought a honey roasted chicken to go with everything too. LOved the feeling - almost like Oxford :p KLK's birthday - 7 Sep 2004 - was just round the corner so we had a cake too. Kel was helping me estimate calories by the mouthful, how charming *.*

Entertained ourselves with old show on TV, WX and Kel playing nursery rhyme on the organ, and Na's Tokyo video - I finally received it after four months :) Then Kel, WX and YX had to go, leaving poor Tok to entertain himself with VCD while SZ, SY, Na and I busied ourselves playing make-up like teenage girls :p (shall not put up pictures here)

In the end, only SZ and Tok were left and we went for zi char dinner downstairs, very filling again! Fully realised the damage done when, back from dinner, we saw a photo of me and Na taken in Feb this year - I looked so thin then but now, argh!

To Tok who posted a message that he's glad we've been friends all these years, I second you! =)


  1. Whose fingers are those???


  2. Looking at this picture, and the one from our JC times in the earlier post, I must say we look better now!! :) We were so nerdy and plain then.. Although we might have aged a little, the effect is still quite minimal..


  3. "Whose fingers are those???"

    Make an intelligent guess. ^^


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