Saturday, 24 September 2005

The office

The girls were having lunch in the pantry.

mf was having
STI's Urban with prawn mee and commenting on something that resulted in FK reaching over and stroking her left leg gently, like sayang sayang..

mf: Ewe..
FK: *In her signature tone* You don't like?
Siok: Omg, FK is soooo sexy! *Swoons*
FK: Hahaha! *Stroke again*
mf: Stop stop, that was itchy.. *Scratch scratch*
FK: Does that turn you on? Haha! I think you're the horny type!
mf: OH I AM! Haha!
FK: *Serious* When's the last time you had sex? Say, say!
mf: It's depressing just to think of it.. Don't remind me! Sigh! *Wave hand and shake head*
FK: Then how? .. *Light bulb* Let me help you!
mf: *Blink blink* Um, thanks but I manage..

Leo walked innocently into pantry in search of day's newspapers.
The girls greeted him and..

FK: Leo! Do you think mf is horny?
Leo: *Blink* Hmmm?
Siok: The poor guy is only here for newspapers! Hahaha!
FK: Nvm.. So? Do you think mf is the horny type?
Leo: Yes! *Back to papers*

Gee, haven't laughed so much over lunch in a long time! Another reason to like my job!

PS: When I told Kel this entry may read a bit like porn (not really la :p), he asked for visual inputs like photos and video (without knowing the "plot"; now I think he's ready to puke) but don't you agree with me that the imaginative is the most powerful tool? :p

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  1. Cheah tse boon says: I agree that imagination is a powerful tool...But still we need Pics to kick start the imagination part. (Pics!! PICs!!)


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