Saturday, 10 September 2005


Remember once I was searching desperately for Stef Sun's armpit CD? Needed to choose a song from that album for a singing contest organised by Party World - easier to practise if I have the song. But in the end, I didn't even have time to practise. The audition was Thurs at 7pm, knew I couldn't make it by 5pm, asked to reschedule to 8pm. Cabbed there right on time and was ushered right through. Before I could even catch my breath - I later realised I even forgot to intro my song to the judge; he had to look at the list - I was holding the mic, 4-3-2-*sing* Well? Of course died la! I could hear myself shaking uncontrollably from nerves and the cold! CY's audition was last night, her work held her back too and our results were similar.. Sighs..

We like to sing since young. We would go to each other's house and sing to casette tapes; we would sing on the bus during school excursions; we used to ~sing our way home~ when we walked back from the library :) Before that, I remember singing with Yan over the phone when we were in kindergarten: 大人歌,小人歌!:p

Was in CLDDS in NJ. Sang for our annual concert in my first year, a lovely 新谣 called 你的倒影 from the 80s. It was a group effort that took three months to prepare. Those days were spent at the ground level of art block, warming up with the 来来 tune, facing the slope behind the college that led to this house with an ugly black dog. The next year, I was co-director for a drama that required two leads to sing. Even the following year when I was doing relief teaching at NJ, I went to guide a couple of practice sessions with my juniors. Those were some of the best times I spent in the college man...

Not forgetting there was Na who loved to sing as well. My fav with her was hopping down science block corridor, holding hands and singing “走走走走走,我们小手拉小手,走走走走走,一同去郊游!”In 1999, we took part in a singing contest by 木船 singing a duet 打扫 by 两个女生 but bombed it horribly! Fun to think of it now :)

Last year, there was this idol craze and my company did one too. I reached the finals, won a consolation prize. Happy enough cos by then, I already knew that I was losing my voice. Started losing it since I first used nasal spray to control my allergy rhinitis back in Oxford. Now I tend to lose control at higher notes, and hence there is no power in my voice. Very sad but can't be helped..

I admired CY for going to singing classes to improve her singing. I couldn't make the commitment - time and money. Shall sing to entertain myself and whoever likes to listen :)


  1. cheah tse boon syas: Wah...Now i wish i could be nicer to ya!! future superstar!Oh pls...can i can i have ur autograph?!? *really cute looks*

  2. liddat we go ktv over the weekend lor

  3. I always suspect that I'm missing something important when your posts veer from English, lol...


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