Monday, 28 February 2005

Hello, stranger 2

YX reminded me of the theme song to "Closer" so I did a google. Found an interesting review instead. Parts of it here:

"Closer depicts its men in a dismal, cynical light, but, if anything, the women’s fate is even worse. The men play power games in which they emotionally brutalize the women who are their helpless pawns, batted back and forth between lovers like a wounded mouse in the clutches of a cat. Men fight to possess women solely in order to assert their alpha-male status. Women don’t choose their partners; they are chosen. Their only power is in their ability to deceive."

"They are masochists who seem to get as much dirty pleasure out of being hurt and shamed as they do hooking up. No one really knows anyone else, but they don’t know themselves either, because there’s nothing to know. There’s nothing inside them; each is a cipher made to suffer and to hurt others."

"Closer gives us its distasteful view of relationships without comment, as if it were inevitable that men and women should behave this way."

Scary, isn't it? Think most of us have been too sheltered all this while.. Seems that there are lots
of conceit and distrust everywhere..

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